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Capital: Delhi.

Map of India

Advices to women: Feet should be closed clothes, but not fitting. It is not accepted to embrace and kiss publicly. Welcome, having connected fingers of hands at forehead level. Do not try to shake hands with the first and the more so to kiss. Bypass all constructions, especially religious structures, on the left side. If to you pour tea, wait, while you will not invite to tea drinking. If you leave, devastate a cup and keep it.

Climate mainly tropical, in the north the tropical monsoonal. Deposits 60-100 mm a year in Thar desert, in the west of the country, 300-400 mm - in the central areas of Decane, 3000-6000 mm - in East Himalayas and on external slopes of Ghats, 12 thousand in mm - in Cherrapunji on plateau Shillong (the most damp place on the Earth) drops out. The tourist season lasts from October till March, and for travel across India November and December are considered as the best months.

India - paradise for the buyer. At existing cheapness in India it is possible and it is necessary to bargain is will allow to acquire the goods under the optimum price. In India qualitative and inexpensive fabrics: silk (in Varanasi), a clap (in Rajasthan, Chenai), a wool, brocade, cashmere. Carpets - the cheapest and widespread goods in India. It is cheaply possible to purchase silver ornaments, jewels: diamond, a ruby, sapphire, pearls (in Hyderabad), aquamarine and a moonstone.

State languages - English and a Hindi, all - 17 official languages in states, 844 dialects.

Monetary unit - Indian rupee (notes and coins). Foreign exchange importation is not limited, national is forbidden. Exportation of the imported currency is not limited, national is forbidden.

Exportation is forbidden: skins of a tiger, wild animals and plumage of birds, skin and items from skin of rare reptiles, live plants, gold and silver bullion, subjects of antiques and the olden time produced more hundred years ago.

If you accept a cheap room ($3-10 - for two), rice ($1) and a train of the second class, you can "hold on" on $10 a day. If you wish to have a room from a bathroom ($15-25 - for two), diversly to be fed ($2-5) and to travel with comfort prepare a minimum $25 - $30 a day. In Delhi cheap air tickets for flights in the country (especially to Calcutta and Mambaj). Very cheaply there are some international air tickets, for example, between Calcutta and Dhaka (Bangladesh), Delhi and Karachi (Pakistan), Tiruchirapali and Colombo (Sri Lanka). If assume to move much over India, that, probably, it will be favourable to you to acquire the special ticket. He gives the chance to travel beyond all bounds on the country internal trips of economy class. The ticket for 21 day costs $750, for 15 days - $500, for 7 days - $250.

In India it is possible to find hotel in a range from cheap doss houses to magnificent hotels. In some cities it is possible to stay in private houses.

To keep tip it is necessary only in expensive establishments. In hotels and restaurants the service fee (10 %) is switched on often in the bill. In places you are more modest can keep some rupees. To door-keepers - 5-10 rupees. In India the baksheesh - a pre-award service fee is propagated (for example, for a baksheesh in hotel will find the letter necessary to you, will yield the necessary information etc.). - Hotel Price Comparison


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