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Capital: Rome.

Map of Italy

Italians are hot, gusty, differ the big sociability. Very much appreciate display of interest to Italy as to the country which is the mother of many kinds of arts and crafts. Display of respect and knowledge in this area always impresses favourably. A hard liquor drinks seldom, even well-known Italian grappa not in the big honour on the native land. Italians attached to traditions prefer not to drink even some beer, routinely use local wine which is indispensable attribute of each dinner. Vast toasts are not accepted and before drinking, say "rank-rank". As to the Italian businessmen, they attach great value to that negotiations were conducted between the people occupying about equal position in a corporate world and company. The exchange of missives suffices for adjustment of business relations with offers. Cases when for an establishment of business contacts resort to services of the intermediaries which institute stationaryly extends are frequent. For business representatives informal relations with partners, including in неслужебное have important significance.

The state in the south of Europe. In the north borders on Switzerland and Austria, in the east - with Slovenia, in the northwest - with France. In the east it is washed by Adriatic sea, in the south - Ionian sea and Mediterranean sea, in the west - Tyrrhenian sea, Ligurian sea and Mediterranean sea. Italy belong also islands Elbas, Sicily and Sardinia and some small islands. Two independent states: San Marino and Vatican, are possessed in territory of Apenninsky peninsula and completely surrounded by Italy. The area of the country of 301302 km sq. More than half of territory of the country is on Apenninsky peninsula. In the north of the country the Italian Alpes where there is the highest point of the country - mountain Monte Chervino (4478) are possessed.

Climate - typically Mediterranean. The Alpes close from cold winds, and marine currents bear heat and a moisture. Deposits drops out a little.

Official language - Italian. English and French understand languages almost everywhere in hotels, restaurants, tourist offices. German language understand first of all in resort zones in the north of Adriatic Sea and lakes. Religion: Catholics - 84 %, Protestants, Moslems, Jews.

Currency: Euro (EURO), 1 EURO = 100 EURO cent. Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. The currency can be interchanged in bureaus de change, in banks, on mail. At the airports, as a rule, the unfavourable rate, but exchange items there work aroundly the clock. In Italy in a course all widespread credit cards, in cities, at many restaurants, hotels, shops and department stores, are accepted Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diner’s Club and Carte Blanche, but on the majority of gaz stations ask for payment cash. In rural areas account by cards is not accepted. Establishments where cards are accepted, routinely hang out in an announcement window «Carta - si» (Cards - yes). Banks are opened from 8-30 till and more hour after a dinner (routinely from 15-00 till), Saturday and Sunday - the day off. In Italy many the exchange automatic machines accepting the majority of the European currencies and US dollars.

The currency can be imported without restrictions, but tourists should declare its quantity. It is possible to remove no more than 630 US dollars. At exportation of the more sum it is necessary to present the declaration filled in at importation. Except private use subjects, duty-free it is possible to import 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of strong spirits, 5 litres of wine, 75 ml of spirits, to 0,25 l of cologne. For exportation of works of art, jewels and archaeological values, it is necessary to present the voucher and the permission of the Ministry of the fine arts of Italy.

They work from 8.00 till and from 15.30 till. On Mondays and Sundays all shops are closed. The part of shops works on Saturday till a dinner. In Italy on a share of shadow or "grey" economy it is necessary to 50 % of volumes of output, tax evasion is widely developed. With the purposes of struggle against this phenomenon the law «about complicity in illegal evasion from taxes» acts. At payment of the goods or services the law obliges the buyer in shop, the visitor at restaurant to require the tax receipt («ricevuta fiscale»). Without this receipt the client has not the right to leave establishment. If the patrol of financial guards finds out infringement the client will be fined for complicity in illegal tax evasion. Even more strict punishment expects the holder of establishment. The system of seasonal allowances, especially and is propagated in the winter in the spring. From January, 7th till March, 1st in Italy general sale!

In Italy the prices during a season of holidays and in the rest of the time are accurately traced. Besides hotels tourists can stay in boarding houses, a private sector, campings. The cheapest lodging for the night is granted by the hotels possessed near highways. Other two types of hotels carry names «pensiones» and «albergni».

Tip: Are unessential. But if you remained are happy with service it is accepted to keep 5-10 % from an amount of invoice. In Italy it is accepted to yield tip to waiters, porters, taxi drivers, chamber etc. - Hotel Price Comparison


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