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Capital: Nairobi.

Map of Kenya

As a whole Kenya - the safe country, however is some the rules, which tourists are obliged to observe. For example, in residence time on a safari in national parks it is forbidden to fall outside the limits places of residing without protection. And during the safari it is forbidden to leave the car without the permission of the guide. In Kenya, unlike some other South African countries, hunting for wild animals is strictly forbidden. Infringers are waited by serious punishment: the large fine or even imprisonment. Do not walk alone in Nairobi after 18.30. In Kenya darkens very fast and at 19.00 already it is absolutely dark. Watch the pockets and bags, in Kenya also it is a lot of pickpockets, as well as in any other large tourist centre.

It is not recommended to photograph local residents without them on that of the permission and it is independent (without the guide) to visit dwellings of local residents. Ignorance of local ethnic customs can lead to misunderstanding or even conflicts.

In the course of the year in Kenya there are two seasons of rains: short (from October till December) and long (since March prior to the beginning of June). Most of all rains drops out at oceanic coast and in the west of the country, in mountain areas (1500-2000 mm.). As a whole, a climate in Kenya the best on continent. In Nairobi the temperature constantly fluctuates in the afternoon from +14 With to +28 With in July and from +14 With to 27 With in January. The best time for country visiting - August and September.

Country official languages - English and a Swahili. Country monetary unit - kenyan shilling (notes and coins). 1 shilling is equal to 100 cents. The international credit cards American Express, Visa and others are accepted for payment. Banks are opened from 9.00 till from Monday till Friday and from 9.00 till each first and last Saturday month. Banks at the airport work aroundly the clock. In official bureaus de change it is required to present the passport.

Duty-free importation is allowed: cigarettes - 200 pieces; spirits - 1 bottle; spirits and floral water - 600г. Importation of fruit, saplings and seeds is forbidden; drugs; explosives, fire-arms and toys, its simulating. Withdrawal of gold and brilliants is forbidden; items from an ivory. Exportation of skins of animals under the special licence of the customs authorities is allowed. Foreign exchange importation is not limited, but the declaration is obligatory; national - it is forbidden. Exportation of the imported foreign exchange is allowed, national - is forbidden.

Tip is yielded in the domestic currency, it makes approximately 10 percent from a total cost of service. The porter should be yielded the sum, equivalent 1 USD; the parlourmaid - approximately as much, but every day.

Malaria - the illness propagated in a zone of Indian ocean and the Western Kenya. Therefore to all who comes to Nairobi, it is recommended to carry out preventive maintenance. Treatment begins one week prior to entry to the country, proceeds during all travel and after six weeks after it. Antimalarial tablets and some medicines can be acquired in drugstores and supermarkets. The constant inhabitant of these places is also the inducer of a yellow fever, therefore an indispensable condition at a trip to Kenya - an inoculation. In cities there are modern hospitals, magnificent medical possibilities possesses Nairobi. If you were ill, the so-called flying doctor delivers you in Nairobi from any point of Kenya. It costs 25 dollars. It is recommended to close also during a safari open plots of a body and to use special means against stings of insects. It is not recommended to drink water from under the crane and to purchase fruit from street dealers. It is better to take drinks only in bottle and can prepacking, and from vegetables and fruit before meal to clean off a peel or it is good to wash up. - Hotel Price Comparison


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