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Capital: Vilnius.

Map of Lithuania

Lithuanians belong to Baltic group of the Indo-European people. The Lithuanian language - most ancient of all live Indo-European languages, the proximate to Sanskrit language. Probably, therefore in character of Lithuanians is a little from the East: very strong family connections (many firms and the organisations in Lithuania family), hospitality (in restaurants and cafe submit such portions which under force to eat only to a two), respect for visitors. However Lithuanians differ the equal and quiet character, thus all of them romanticists. They reflect beauty of the nature of Lithuania in verses, songs, dances. The spring and summer is a continuous holiday of a life. In all sacred corners of Lithuania, on resorts pass festivals of the Lithuanian folklore.

Total area of Lithuania - 65.200 sq. km (on the area it is close to Ireland, there is more than Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium). The marine coast of Lithuania makes 99 km. The highest place of republic - mountain Juozapine - 294 m above sea level. In the country of 758 rivers, about 3000 lakes and 5 national parks. On exact accounts of the French national geographical institute the geographical centre of Europe is in 25 km to the north from Vilnius. Neighbouring states of Lithuania: Belarus, Latvia, Sweden and Denmark (through a sea), Russia (Kaliningrad region), Poland.

Climate soft marine at the coast, softly passing in continental in the central and east part of the state.

Official language - Lithuanian. Significant groups of the population speak in Russian and Polish languages. The majority of Lithuanians, behind an exception, maybe, children know Russian. Religion: a population great bulk - Catholics.

Lithuanian litas. The litas is divided into 100 cents. In a course of the note of denomination in 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 litas and coins of denomination in 5, 2 and 1 litas; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cent. Widespread VISA, Maestro and other known credit cards. They are accepted in overwhelming majority of shops. The currency freely interchanges in numerous exchange offices. To Lithuania is better to take US dollars or other hard currency.

Importation to Lithuania to 10.000 dollars per capita - free. Everything that from above, is subject to obligatory declaring. One person can import no more than 1 litre of vodka, cognac or liquors, 2 litres of wine, 200 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco, 3 kg of chocolate, 2 kg of coffee, 20 litres of petrol, 50 g of precious metals. It is forbidden to import the weapon, drugs and explosives.

About automobile lines in Lithuania legends always went. Those who departs to Lithuania on the car should know that infringers of rules of traffic are exposed to huge fines. Parking in an unstated place, movement in parks and reserved zones (check up the contents WITH), and the most terrible - drunk at the wheel categorically is forbidden. But for obligatory and decent tourists it means nothing, and in aggregate with perfect quality of roads and the allowed high speeds movement on a motorway will turn to the perfect beginning of rest on any resort chosen by you. - Hotel Price Comparison


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