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Capital: Kuala Lumpur.

Map of Malaysia

Malaysia surprisingly peace and stable country. Such amazing harmony, first of all, speaks the mutual respect and tolerance from which all nationalities fall into religions, to culture, customs and a way of life one another. Islam - official religion, but the Constitution free creed is authorised, therefore on the small area it is possible to meet simultaneously mosques, Christian, buddhish and Hindu temples.

That on ignorance not to tread on corns of local residents, it is recommended to remove footwear before visiting of houses and temples. At visiting of religious temples it is necessary to put on the modest clothes closing hands and feet; to pass meal only the right hand.

It is possessed in the centre of South East Asia. South China sea divides the country on two parts: a continental western part and East Malaysia on a northwest part of cape Borneo. Borders on Thailand - in the north, with Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia - in the south. A total area - 330,4 thousand in state Capital - Kuala Lumpur. The largest islands are Langkavi with capital Kuah and Penang with capital George-town, the Malaysia possessed at northwest coast.

Climate in Malaysia tropical, damp. On a flat part of the country the temperature fluctuates from 21С to 32С, and in mountains falls to 16С. At the western coast of Malaysia (island Langkavi, Penang, Pangkor) the season of rains is expressed not brightly and it is necessary for May - September; at east coast (islands Tioman, Redang) the strongly pronounced season of rains lasts from October till March.

The official language - Malayan, is used in all official bodies. Many Malayans perfectly know English. Official religion is Islam, the Hinduism, a Sikhism, the Buddhism, Christianity are propagated also.

In monetary circulation - Malaysian ringgits, 1 ringgit it is equal to 100 cents. Circulation notes have 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 ringgit of denomination. In big banks, hotels, shops the basic credit cards are for payment accepted.

Can be duty-free imported: strong alcoholic drinks - 1л, wine or liquors - 1л., cigarettes - 200 pieces, or cigars - 50 pieces, or tobacco - 225, perfumery and cosmetics - for the sum no more than 200 Malaysian ringgit, souvenirs for the sum no more than 200 Malaysian ringgit. Importation electronic, audio- and video instrumentation no more than 1 name per capita is allowed. Exportation of reasonable quantity of tobacco items and spirits is allowed. The weapon, olden time and art subjects are subject to the obligatory customs control. Importation of wild birds and animals, plants, antiques, the military form and gold from above 100 gramme is forbidden. Infringers of an interdiction for importation and exportation of drugs are sentenced to the death penalty. On importation or exportation foreign and the domestic currency no restrictions are present.

Items from tin, a batic, kites are considered as traditional Malaysian souvenirs. A batic (painted manually silk and cottons) and items from it (sarongs and jackets) are sold in many tourist centres. On the average the jacket without sleeves costs nearby 30 RM, however cost of them some them reaches 70 RM. Items from tin also can be found in souvenir little shops. Besides various household utensils, caskets in shops curve Malayan knifes are sold. Purchasing them it is necessary to remember that at the airports the police can require to check them for the period of flight to pilots.

To Borneo figurines of local spirits and the hunting tubes with arrows are sold. Colourful kites are considered as a traditional souvenir. In shops diminutive snakes are sold, however it is possible to purchase and the present big dragon - there would be a place in the plane and the bond note. Trade goes continually. But small shops are closed before large department stores. The first work till six evenings, supermarkets - till 21.00. The considerable quantity of exotic fruit can be seen in Malaysia all year long. The best places for buying of fruit are the agricultural markets and the night markets. - Hotel Price Comparison


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