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Capital: Rabat.

Map of Morocco

It is necessary to answer importunity of street dealers and "guides" polite, but solid failure. Sticking is a serious problem for foreign tourists in Morocco. On a visit do not refuse the second and third beaker of tea with mint is it is considered impolite. Answer all questions, even if they seem to you immodest (what salary at you, how much is the chamber as call your wife) - such are displays of politeness and friendliness in Morocco. Do not occur in the street in too courageous clothes. Especially it falls into to women.

The state in the west of the North Africa. In the east and the southeast borders on Algeria, in the south - with Western Sahara. In the north it is washed by Mediterranean sea, in the west - Atlantic ocean. At the Mediterranean coast Morocco there are two Spanish possession: Ceuta and Melilla. The area of the country about 446550 sq. km, besides since 1979 of Morocco occupied territory of Western Sahara.

At the Mediterranean coast a country climate soft, subtropical, the temperature reaches +30-35ะก in the summer. In the south - more continental climate, with hot summer and in the cool winter. Rains go basically in winter months.

State language - Arabian. In mountain regions use local dialects. As the second basic language is used French more often. Spanish and English further follow. The Spanish language is especially propagated in vicinities of Fes. Islam is the state religion of Morocco - Moslems-sunnity - 99 %, Christians - 0,8 %, the Jews - 0,2 %.

Monetary unit - the Moroccan dirham (notes and coins). All accounts are manufactured only in the native currency.

Importation and foreign exchange exportation is not limited, but its circulation in Kingdom territory as it was already told, it is forbidden. At exportation of the remained currency it is necessary to have the bank certificate on an exchange. It is possible to import into the country no more than one bottle of strong spirits and one bottle of wine, no more than 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250 g of tobacco. Exportation without the special permission, subjects and the things representing historical and art value is forbidden. There is a restriction on importation of professional photographic equipment (on the amateur photoengineering it does not propagate). On importation of pagers or mobile phones it is necessary to obtain the special permit before departure (at-sight the similar permission cannot be received).

Woodcarving, leather and silver items, ceramics, carpets - all this variety are famous the Moroccan masters. At buying of items it is recommended to bargain.

There is a set of hotels with various level of service, from 1* to 5*. Along with the classified hotels exist and not classified. Service in hotels differs from European towards more simplicity. Thus star classification is spent any way enough: in 5-stars hotel there can be no, for example, fens and shampoo in number whereas in next 3-stars - all it will be. Along coast there is a set of campings. For youth from 13 till 30 years there are youthful hotels (Youth Hostels).

It is accepted to yield small tip, but it is frequent. At restaurants and hotels even if tip is switched on in the bill, it is accepted to pay extra 10 % from bill cost. Tip yields personally to the one who has served you.

It is impossible to drink the water offered by water carriers in streets, and also from under the crane (including in hotels). It is better to use mineral water in bottles. It is better to take with itself all necessary medicines since you can have difficulties with their acquisition in Morocco. It is recommended to take with itself gastric means, antiseptics, dressings, aspirin, a sun-protection cream. If be going to travel in desert, take with itself whey from a sting of snakes, just in case. - Hotel Price Comparison


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