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Capital: Oslo.

Map of Norway

The kingdom Norway is in Northern Europe, in the west and the extreme north of Scandinavian peninsula. The country has the general borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, in the north of its coast is washed by Barents sea, in the west - Norwegian and northern seas, in the south of passage Skagerak separates Norway from Denmark. Norway posesses archipelago Spitsbergen with island Bear at Arctic ocean, Jan Mayen island in Northern Atlantic, and also island Buve at coast of Antarctica. More than 1/3 territories of the country are possessed behind polar circle. The area of Norway - 387 thousand in km ² (including. Territory of islands of 62 thousand in km ²).

In a more part of the country a climate moderate oceanic, in the extreme north - subarctic. Spring of night can be very cold. The most rainy season in Norway - autumn. Thanks to Gulf Stream winter at coast soft enough.

Official language - Norwegian. Creed: Evangelic Lutherans of 87,8 %, other Protestant communities and Catholics make 3,8 %.

The Norwegian krone, is divided on 100 era. In a course of a coin of denomination in 10 and 50 era, 1, 5, 10 and 20 krones and notes of denomination in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 krones. It is possible to exchange currency in hotels and in the numerous items of an exchange working from 9.30 till, on Thursdays till 18 o'clock. Banks work from 9.00 and till 14.00, on Saturday from 9.00 and till 12.30. Everywhere credit cards VISA, MASTER CARD and others are accepted. The currency is more favourable for changing in banks.

Persons arriving to Norway are more senior 20 years can to transport with itself duty-free: 400 cigarettes or 500 of tobacco and 200 pieces of a tissue paper, 2 litres of beer, 1 litre of strong spirits, 1 litre of wine or 2 litres of wine if a hard liquor is not imported. An age bracket for duty-free importation of tobacco items - 16 years (the same norm). It is forbidden to import meat and meat products, dairy products if they are produced of Scandinavia and Finland. Importation foreign and the native currency is not limited. Foreign exchange exportation is not limited, but foreign exchange declaring necessarily in case of its subsequent exportation from the country. Exportation of the imported foreign exchange, national - no more than 5000 krones is allowed; at importation and exportation foreign and the native currency for the sum more than 25 thousand krones (except traveller's cheques) the declaration is obligatory.

The operating time of shops very hardly differs. In big cities and villages supermarkets and department stores routinely work as follows: Monday - Friday: from 9.00 or 10.00 and till 17.00; Thursday: from 9.00 either 10.00 till 19.00 or 20.00; Saturday: from 9.00 either 10.00 till 15.00 or 16.00. Many supermarkets and trading complexes are opened till 20.00 and later. Gasoline stations trade often in products and are opened till 23.00. Many booths and automatic machines work in the evenings and in the days off (it is routine till 22.00 or 23.00). In more than 2 600 shops at buying of the goods for the sum exceeding 308 krones, special check TAX-FREE will be drawn to you. At departure from Norway to you it will be reimbursed from 10 % to 18 % of an acquisition amount under condition of availability of the check, and also granting of the passport and the buying sealed in shop.

As souvenirs from Norway you can bring diverse knitted items and items from tin and silver, painted wooden items and furs, and also clay, porcelain and glasswares.

The severe nature and inaccessibility is northern country have made its kitchen original. First of all, Norwegians pay the basic attention to fish dishes. Far outside of the country the Norwegian herring is famous, and other fish delicacies from Norway are known to many gourmets of the world. But Norwegians brag of an abundance of exotic dishes in the menu cannot. The majority of the population falls into to meal as to means of maintenance of a life. And really, it is difficult to name porridge - the central dish on a feast, and here Norwegians without musing submit porridge with sour cream as a delicacy.

In many hot dishes Norwegians use sour cream, at times adding it instead of various spices. In a choice of spirits Norwegians differ nothing from the European countries. But they have one drink which has deserved reputation of the Norwegian drink is line-akvavit. The drink represents the vodka transported in wooden barrels through equator. Such travel is reflected in quality of vodka, impacts its special relish. - Hotel Price Comparison


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