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Capital: Madrid.

Map of Spain

On character Spaniards are serious, opened, gallant, human, have the big sense of humour and ability to work in a command. Inhabitants of northern countries can count conversation of two Spaniards by quarrel, squabble, however it is manner to talk, accepted in Spain. It is necessary to accustom to tell itself more loudly, with an expression. Spaniards noisy, but opened and benevolent. Propensity of Spaniards to be late is a subject of numerous jokes. As Spaniards like to speak much, the regulations of meetings are not observed more often. At o'clock of a siesta the business life in the country fades. In Spain eat late: have breakfast at 14 o'clock, have dinner at 22 o'clock. Behind a table it is necessary to avoid such themes, as a civil war, the board period Ex, bullfight and private life.

The state in the southwest of Europe, taking the large part of Iberian peninsula. In the north borders on France and Andorra, in the west - with Portugal. In the north it is washed by bay of Biscay, in the east - Mediterranean sea, in the south - Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, in the west - Atlantic ocean. Spain belong some groups of islands most significant of which are the Balearic islands in Mediterranean sea and Canary Islands in Atlantic ocean, lying on distance more than thousand kilometres to the south, opposite to the African coast. Spain belong also the cities of Ceutas and Melilla, possessed in the north of Africa.

Mediterranean, dry and hot enough. Winter soft. The best time for tourism from the end of spring prior to the beginning of autumn.

State language - Spanish. The Catalan language belonging to Romance group, and closely related with adverbs of France, is recognised by the second state language used in mass media, on him almost all business negotiations and clerical work are carried on. Religion: Catholics - 97 %, Protestants, Jews, Moslems.

Currency: Euro (EURO), 1 EURO = 100 EURO cent. Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. Notes are identical in all countries entering into a zone of Euro. Coins differ only with decor of one of the parties which is minted in each country on the (the second party is identical to all countries). Despite distinction in decor of one of the parties, coins of all countries of Euro of a zone are accepted for payment in each of them.

At entry to Spain arrived it is authorised to bring with itself a number of the personal things, one portable typewriter, one videocamera or two cameras with ten films for each. It is possible to import a transistor radio receiver or the portable tape recorder if it is visible, what is it not new subjects. Importation of sports stock of a private use, own jewelry, subjects for use in a camping or for camp breakdown in the same way is authorised. It is possible to ask the receipt for the customs authorities on imported things which will be presented at departure from the country. Now following maximum quantities of imported tobacco and alcoholic items on one person are allowed: 200 cigarettes either 50 cigars, or 250 grammes of tobacco; and one bottle of wine plus one more bottle of any alcoholic drink. There are no restrictions on quantity imported bank or traveller's cheques in a foreign exchange, and also in convertible pesetas, no less than on a foreign exchange in notes or the coins allowed to importation on the Spanish territory.

Buying is better to do in big cities - Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga etc. the largest department store chain in Spain - El Corte Ingles / an ale Court Ingles / where as Spaniards speak, it is possible to purchase all - from a needle to the plane. But it is expensive shop. In general it is better to avoid buying in large shops since there both the choice is less and the prices above. And you can find in small little shops of high quality the goods under the reasonable prices. The mode of operation: from 9.00 till and from 16.00 till, (on Saturday - till 12.00). From 13.00 till - a siesta.

The system of tip propagates on services of waiters in bars and restaurants, chamber in hotels, taxi drivers and guides and are made by 5-10 % from an order price. Payment of tip is not obligatory but if the client remained is happy with service, tip - a good form sign. - Hotel Price Comparison


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