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Sri Lanka

Capital: Colombo, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte.

Map of Sri Lanka

Going to Sri Lanka take with itself easy cotton clothes, a headdress. Be by all means reserved by a sun-protection cream from solar burns. In the country there are no exacting requirements to clothes, however it is not necessary to visit temples in shorts, in clothes with an open back and shoulders and as at an input in a temple it is necessary to remove footwear.

Inland state in Indian ocean near to southern coast of India from which it is separateed by Manarsky passage and Palk strait. The area of the country of 65610 Main topographical line Sri Lanka is hills in the central part of the country. There there is the highest point - mountain Pidurutalagala (2524). However the majestic Adam's peak (2243) is most known. Nearby there are two plains with a cool, healthy climate. In valleys the well-known Ceylon tea is grown. The country rivers short and fast enough. The longest river Mahaveli-Ganga runs into Indian ocean near to a city of Trinkomali.

Sri Lanka it is possessed in torrid zone and it is protected by powerful hills from norths. A climate here hot, mid-annual temperature of air in the majority of areas from +25 to +30 degrees With, except for mountain areas where it falls to +10 in the winter. The best time for bathing on marine resorts of southwest coast of Sri Lanka lasts from October till April. A season of the western monsoons - from May till July, in November - December small rains are possible. A water temperature on the average 26 degrees With.

State language - Singhalese. In business cycles English also is accepted. Almost all population speaks in English. Religion: Buddhists (the Buddhism has occurbed on island in III century BC) - 69 %, Christians - 8 %, Moslems - 8 %.

The official monetary unit which is in use in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan rupee is. 1 Sri Lankan rupee equals to 100 cents. In circulation denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupees, and also a coin in 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1,2,5 rupees. Large hotels and shops approve for payment the international credit cards. The foreign exchange imported into the country, should be declared.

It is recommended to change money at the airport of Colombo. The check received at official exchange, it is necessary to save before the trip termination. In this case at departure from Colombo you have a possibility to interchange not spent money in bank of the airport at the rate of buying. Also it is possible to interchange money in any hotel and bank. Banks are opened from 9.00 till (Monday - Friday).

Expensive subjects and things are declared for their subsequent unobstructed exportation. Exportation is forbidden: without the special permission - the subjects representing historical or a cultural value, antiquarian masks, manuscripts, books, items from an ivory, collections of coins and marks, raw precious and semiprecious stones, tea (more than 2 kg).

Sri Lanka is known all over the world for the jewels: sapphires, rubies, topazes etc. to Acquire jewels it is advised in specialised shops, requiring the corresponding check or the certificate. Also spices, items of national crafts are known all over the world the Ceylon tea: masks, a batic, items from a skin. In cities also it is possible to purchase inexpensive textiles. In the markets, in private shops etc. it is possible to bargain about the price. You can reduce the price for 30 % concerning the initial. However it is inadmissible in the state shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and in shops ┬źDUTY FREE┬╗. Shops work from 10.00 till. In the markets, in private shops etc. it is possible to bargain about the price. You can reduce the price for 30 % concerning the initial.

To yield tip not necessarily. However porters in hotel or the waiter at restaurant will be glad to several additional cents. - Hotel Price Comparison


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