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How correctly to choose a suitcase

On a court yard - summer, and it means that it is time holidays at last has come! Means, soon, very soon it will be possible to run on warm sand, to lap in a sea and to admire declines. That the trip to holiday was not saddened by a problem with carriage favourite and necessary things, will result some advices how to choose correctly suitcase. After all it is very important on travel!


So, departing behind "the big-bellied" companion, remember that its cost develops of several factors: the volume, used materials, technologies.

Volume, the price, mark. On a market the small small suitcase of litres on thirty of a past collection can be purchased already for 70-80 dollars, and big, on 100 litres, from plastic with a titanium chip will manage in 200 dollars.

Material. The fabric in which, polyester and nylon are combined with water-repellent imbibition (on a plastic basis) is not dirted and is not afraid of scratches and a moisture. Plastic with a metal chip: a taka it is possible to scratch, but at it very strong skeleton. Plastic with a titanium chip: is not afraid of scratches and blows. A skin: certainly, looks very adequately, but it very gentle, can tear or be scratched, furthermore leather suitcases one of the heaviest.

Wheels. At all do not purchase a suitcase at which all wheels are on one axis: this very unreliable fastening. It is important, that castors fastened and rotated independently from each other. Suitcases are ideally suited for the airports with four wheels: they slide independently and maintain higher load. The same in which two wheels, it is necessary to hold that is not always convenient. Castors should be "drowned" in the case (it will help to avoid breakages at collision with other suitcases). In an ideal they should have a brake-clamp that the suitcase was not left from the owner. Pay attention to bearings: they should be metal. Such wheels it is much more reliable, than plastic.

The handle. Each suitcase is equipped by three handles: telescopic sliding and two fabric (or plastic depending on model). Track, that the fabric have been reliably sewn by caproic threads and reinforced by rivets.

At a suitcase choice check up, how the handle «lies in a hand». If it to you is inconvenient, when a suitcase in not loaded condition with the consignment will be even worse. The put forward handle should be cleaned completely in the case that it has not broken at transportation. Remember that more often put forward handles break because of maloperation: having put forward, it needs to be fixed the special button, and already then to roll.

Locks and lightnings. If on a suitcase there are lightnings it is necessary to choose plastic, with the big teeths. It is more reliable to effect of temperatures. In many marks a lightning on suitcases "self-reduced": even if the pair of a teeth will be lost, it will work still. It is necessary to pay attention to width of a clasp: the it is wider, the better. The safest - 8-10 mm.

It is good, if in a suitcase some locks: for example one code and a couple locked. If coded locks hinged take a couple for emergency in case the lock breaks. Good luck to you, expensive readers, and good rest! - Hotel Price Comparison


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