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Capital: Tunisia.

Map of Tunisia

If around there will be orange, olive or lemon groves, it is easy possible to dig fruits. But at first will obtain the permit at the watchman being somewhere with a number. In resort zones tourists can put on easily and freely. But on capital and old Muslim quarters of cities in shorts and too open vests it is better not to go. On "the" beach or at basin of the hotel of the woman presume to itself top loess. During Ramadana it is better to tourists to abstain from smoking, drink and meal in streets of cities. It is better not to suggest to light, drink to Tunisians of wine or beer, and especially in common to use a hard liquor. In hotels you can easy drink and smoke, and you will be politely served by the waiter who fasts. If you will come across per capita which kneeling makes a prayer, easy bypass it. Do not consider steadfastly women in a veil. In hotels and shops it is accepted to greet. In shops where the prices are exhibited, it is not necessary to bargain. Save vigilance: in places of a congestion of people pickpockets "work". Photographing in official buildings is forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to take on a photo or a videocamera a presidential palace. Police such shots erase or light. Tunisians, without having received previously their consent, it is better not to photograph.

The state in northern Africa. In the south borders on Libya, in the west - with Algeria. In the north and the east it is washed by Mediterranean sea. The area of the country of 163610 belong to Tunisia also islands Dzharba and Karkana in gulf of Gabes. Tunisia can be divided into four topographical regions. In the north the country is crossed by low mountains of the Atlas in height from 610 to 1520 m. the Unique large river of the country Madzharda crosses region from the West on the east and runs into gulf of Tunis. To the south from mountains the plateau in centre height nearby 610ΠΌ lies. Some of lakes lie below sea-level. In the south Sahara taking about 40 % of territory of Tunisia lies.

Climate on a more part of Tunisia - subtropical, Mediterranean. In the south of the country - tropical. In the summer from desert of Sahara the dry winds bearing strong heat can blow.

The state language - Arabian, the second official language of Tunisia is French, it is known almost by all inhabitants of the country. Italian, English and a German are propagated also. Religion: Sunnite - 95 % (Islam is the state religion), Catholics, the Jew, Protestants.

Monetary unit - the Tunisian dinar, in one dinar of 1000 millimes. In the country old and new denominations in nominal value 5, 10, 20 and 30 dinars, and also coins in 1 dinar, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 millimes are in use. Coins in 1 millime almost do not come across. The currency can be changed in hotel or bank exchange office. The rate routinely - fixed, is positioned by Central bank of Tunisia. It is recommended to take the inquiry in exchange office to change dinars at departure from the country. Exchange offices work, as a rule, from 9.00 till and from 15.00 till 17.00 o'clock. Traveller's cheques of firms American Express, Visa and Thomas Cook in US dollars are accepted everywhere. Cash dispenses can be found in all big cities and tourist regions. Credit cards in Tunisia steels will be applied enough recently. Cards Visa, American Express, Eurocard and Diners Club are most widely accepted.

Good things in shopping centres of Tunisia cost cheaper not, than in Paris or Moscow. Shops are opened at week-days from 8.00 till, and on Saturday - only till 12.30. But in this country weight of benches with quite decent and cheaper goods. Can please itself, having purchased a marvellous carpet with the most thin ornament or more severe. A huge variety of ceramics - manual operation of masters. As souvenirs it is possible to bring exotic baskets, trunks, mats from travel - all of them are weaved from palm leaves. National sports, or century tradition the auction at purchase and sale - and remain today to the most pleasant and a certain way for an establishment of the real price for a souvenir, east carpet or even on a trip on a camel. Play this game with pleasure - it always concludes the mutual consent and a smile.

The category of hotels is defined by stars (from two to five), but it not always is sufficient criterion of an estimation of comfort since there are no uniform standards of certification of hotel services of hotels of the different countries. Therefore, before to make the choice, better attentively to study the description and possibilities of hotels. And necessarily pay special attention on hotel cost. Each hotel has own order, but behaviour rules in all identical. In hotels to you will offer dishes of the European ethnic cuisine, it is "buffet", the complex or free menu more often. The above the hotel category, the is more diverse a food. Alcoholic drinks, as a rule, are offered for an additional payment. Time of a breakfast, a dinner and a supper is strictly defined. Almost all hotels in Tunisia are rather inexpensive. For example, one day of residing in 3 stars hotel with a half board in a double room manages in 30-35 dinars (nearby 25$), in single - 17-20 dinars. In 4 stars hotel 2 local number costs 80-90 dinars. Interestingly that you pay not for each person separately, as in Europe, but only for number. In each hotel it is obligatory to eat basin. In the majority of the Tunisian hotels service does not provide beach towels, therefore we advise to take a towel with themselves or to purchase at-sight.

Tip is not obligatory, but with from the help it is possible to thank the people who have rendered to you any service, since the simple porter of suitcases to the security guard of a parking. As a rule, in cafe and restaurants tip is switched already on in an order price if is not present - that they make 10 % from cost. Keep to the taxi driver So much. - Hotel Price Comparison


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