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Capital: Ankara.

Map of Turkey

By Muslim tradition, entering into a mosque, in the private house, it is necessary to remove footwear. Turks differ honesty, manner, politeness. The conversation should not begin with the basic theme, it is necessary to display restraint. To Turks it will be pleasant, if some phrases are said on their native language.

The Turkish republic takes territory the area of 780576 sq. km. In the north it is washed by Black sea, in the south - Mediterranean, in the west - Egejsky and Marble. In Europe Turkey has borders of small extent with Bulgaria in the north, Greece in the West, Georgia and Armenia in Transcaucasia, with Iran and Iraq in the east and with Syria between the rivers the Tiger and Efrat. Geographically Turkish coast of Mediterranean sea is accurately divided into two big regions. The western coast to Marmaris with numerous coils and peninsulas belongs to Aegean sea. The southern coast begins from Antalia.« Turkish Riviera »- so name this district because of extended sandy beaches. Behind beaches the fertile plain, ancient Pamphylia is stretched. From the east it is adjoined by ancient Cilicia presented on a section between Alanej and Anamur by a mountain landscape where mountains the Tauri are lifted directly from a sea. At Turkish coast it is possible to meet all kinds of beaches, beginning from immense sandy beaches to small stony coils.

Subtropical Mediterranean - hot summer (air temperature is kept from +23 With to +33 C) and warm winter (from +13 With to +15). To Turkey is better to go in the spring or in the autumn - from April till June or from September till October.

Language: Turkish. In cities and the tourist centres also are used: English, German, French. Religion: the majority of the population - Moslems-sunnity. The people large part is religious also many spheres of a public life are made through by Islam.

Lira Turkey. In circulation notes (pounds) of denomination of 1 000 000, 500 000, 250 000 liras and a coin in 5000, 10 000, 25 000, 50 000, 100 000, and 250 000 liras. Notes in 5 and 10 million liras are released. It is possible to exchange currency in items of an exchange and in banks. Branches of banks are routinely opened at week-days from 8.30 till 17 o'clock. A time-out - with 12 till 13.30.

Importation of any currency to Turkey free, exportation is limited: liras Turkey can be removed in the sum of equivalent $1000. Turkish currency - very unstable, therefore do not change money before arrival to the country, do not change at once all sum, do not accept a coin and the note of lower dignity, than it is indicated above: they are introduced from the circulation.

All kinds of telephone service the paid. The call from hotel is much more expensive, than from a call box. Call boxes are possessed in hotels or near to hotels, in all resort cities.

Cheap items from a skin, a clap, ornaments from gold, items from onyx and copper, have made Turkey one of the most attractive countries for buying. Besides, unstable prices of goods allow tourists to bargain with sellers. Shops, as a rule, work from 9.30 till 19 o'clock. A time-out - from 13 o'clock till 14 o'clock. The day off - Sunday. The covered market in Istanbul is opened from 8 o'clock till 19 o'clock daily, except Sunday.

Tip yields porters (within 1$), to waiters - 10 % from dinner cost. To taxi drivers to yield tip it is not accepted. - Hotel Price Comparison


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