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Capital: Washington.

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Americans are proud of that they are citizens of the best country in the world. Americans do not love stiffness neither in clothes, nor in manners. Simplicity of their appearance can surprise the European - they prefer convenient clothes, address to each other simply, informally, even if interlocutors an age difference and a social standing. Americans very much care of the health and health of others, therefore for smoking at restaurants and bars special places are taken away. Do not smoke in a taxi, the airports, stations and even in some streets can fine for a smoking cigarette. Americans like to smile, even when is gloomy. To be unfortunate here it is not accepted. On a question of your American partner (even if you are with it in enough close relations) on that, how are you doing, it is not necessary to tell about it actually. You will consider as the bore or will advise to address to the psychiatrist. Americans adore to compete and appreciate achievements. The success is measured by quantity of the earned money. The business American does not waste time on trifles and is not pedantic, but he understands that in the organisation of any business there are no trifles. Americans save time, appreciate punctuality and live under the time-table. As to dialogue in informal conditions, receptions in the USA - a usual thing. It is opportunity to talk about a family and a hobby. In a gift it is better to bring a bottle of good wine.

The United States of America - federal republic into which composition enter 50 states having a certain autonomy, and metropolitan federal district of Columbia. 48 states place compactly, 2 - separately: Alaska (the staff status has received in 1958) and the Hawaiian Islands (the staff status have received in 1959). Besides, the USA belong island Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in Caribbean sea, Eastern Samoa, island Guam and islands of Micronesia (the ward United Nations territory) in Pacific ocean both Pacific Wake islands and Miduej equipped for test of rockets. In the north borders on Canada, in the south - with Mexico. In the east it is washed by Atlantic ocean, in the south - Gulf of Mexico, in the West - Pacific ocean. The area of the country of 9666861 sq. km from which 1593438 are necessary to Alaska and 16729 sq. km to Hawaii. The highest point of the country (and all North America) is on Alaska - mount McKinley (6194), the lowest place - a death Valley (86 m below sea-level) - are in California. Centre height of territory of the United States about 760 m above sea level. The territory of the country Fiziograficheski is rather diverse. About half of territory of the country take mountain ridges, plateaus and plateau of Cordilleras; east suburb of a belt of Cordilleras ridges of Rocky mountains with height more form than 4000 m. In the east there are Appalachsky mountains (2037). Between Cordilleras and Appalachian mountains extensive internal plains - Central, Great - and Gulf plain lie. In the west of the country many rivers form magnificent beauty canyons, breaking mountain ridges. In the north of the country there is a chain of Great Lakes - Top, Michigan, Guron, Erie and Ontario - the occupying space about 200000

Climate on a more part of territory of the country moderated, in the south - subtropical. Severe winter in the states adjoining on Canada, and all year long summer in solar Florida.

Ethnic groups: America very multinational country with a considerable quantity of nationalities, many of which have saved the language and traditions; if to subdivide the population into three big groups to racial signs the white make about 84 % of the population (among them especially diasporas of Irish, Italians, Jews, Russian, Poles, Ukrainians), Africans (basically descendants of the slaves delivered from the African continent in a XVIII-th century) - about 12 %, Asians and inhabitants of Pacific islands - about 3 %, the American Indians (aboriginals of the United States) - less than 1 %, natives of the countries of Latin America - about 9 % precipitate out.

Official language - English. Religion: Christians make the majority of the believing population of the USA, among them most of all Catholics - 25 % of the population, go further baptists - 19,4 %, methodologists - 8 %, five-foremen - 1,8 %, episcopal church - 1,7 %, a considerable quantity of inhabitants belong to orthodox church; among the greatest not Christian groups precipitate out the Jew - 2 %, Moslems, Buddhists.

Monetary unit of the USA - the dollar, is equal to 100 cents. In circulation there are notes of denomination of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars, and also a coin: a penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cents), a dime (10 cents), 25 cents, haf-dollar (50 cents) and one dollar. It is the most convenient to pay by means of credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express etc.), they are accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops and in general everywhere and without any restrictions. It is not necessary to take with itself in the USA eurocheques, they here are void.

At entry to the country each arriving should fill in the bill of entry on a check-point. If the foreigner arrives to the country air or a sea transport it receives this declaration on courts or planes. The married couple can fill in one family declaration. All subjects transferred in the declaration should have a mark about their price. This request propagates on gifts, commercial samples, but does not concern personal things. Filling in the declaration, it is important to remember that under the American customs legislation doubtful declaring of the goods imported into the country with use obviously to a false information can lead to luggage delay, the fine and confiscation. Each citizen of other state driving to the USA has the status of the non-resident. If the non-resident imports jewels for the sum more than 300 US dollars, they are not liable to duty only in the event that within three years they will not be sold. If to the indicated term there will be a necessity for sale of jeweller ornaments, it is necessary to prepay the duty in regional customs branch («District Director of Customs»). The non-resident is more senior 21 years has the right to importation no more 1л of alcoholic drinks (their number includes beer, wine, liquors). Drinks over the indicated norm are taxed. Non-residents are authorised into the USA to import no more than 200 cigarettes (one block), 50 cigarettes or 2 kg of smoking tobacco. As household goods it is authorised to import into the USA duty-free furniture, ware, bed-clothes, books etc., but all of them should be not new, and to be in use of not less than one year. It is possible to confirm an economic life of household goods by means of trading checks. The import customs duties are equal to the first 1000долл. The USA - 10 %, and further its size increases and is differentiated depending on goods kind. In the USA importation of the drugs, dangerous medicines, sweets with liquor, lottery tickets, house canned food, smoked meat is forbidden. In the USA there are no restrictions on importation and currency exportation. If than 10000 US dollars the sum should be indicated in the declaration are imported or removed more. It propagates on traveller's cheques.

Hotels - In the United States the classification of hotels is accepted, and we only conditionally equate them to "star" system. So class hotels «Superior Deluxe» u «Deluxe» - 5-4,5 *, «Superior First Class» - 4*- 3,5 *, «First Class» - 3,5* - 3 *, «Moderate First Class» - 3 *, «Tourist Class» - 2*. The Room rate practically in all hotels is identical to single m of double placement, children (without an extra bed) are accepted free of charge. Almost all hotels have spacious enough numbers with the big beds, all hotels of Florida and the majority in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have basins. For use of the safe and phone (calls for hotel limits) are necessary for paying the deposit in reception hotel, routinely is 30-50 dollars. At the statement from hotel this sum minus expenses is reverted. The receipt which to you have issued at entering of the mortgaging sum is thus presented. For the lost key from the safe in many hotels can take the fine to 200 dollars. In the USA in many hotels there are no fens. Fens, irons and ironing tables can be booked in room in hotel "Housеkееper" service by phone. In Orlando placement on the country houses calculated for 3-5 bedrooms and equipped with basin, garage and a totality home appliances is offered. Unlike orders in the Russian hotels in the USA it is not necessary to hand over number. Americans, leaving number, keep pair of dollars of the parlourmaid.

In the USA tip is the legalised form of an additional payment in sphere of services. It propagates in a taxi, at the airports, in hotels, restaurants. To the porter pay extra 0,25-0,5 US dollars for one place. («bellboy») in hotel (0,5 - 1 US dollar the floor waiter slightly more receives for one place). Tip can be yielded the headwaiter, the porter, the parlourmaid. Tip of the waiter, the taxi driver are equal 10-15 % from a billing amount. Never it is necessary to offer money to the police officer or the officer. This attempt can be qualified as a criminal offence. - Hotel Price Comparison


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