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Capital: Hanoi.

Map of Vietnam

The State in South East Asia, taking east part of Indochina peninsula. In the north borders on China, in the west - with Laos and Cambodia, from the east and the south it is washed by South China sea. Besides a continental part, islands Kondao concern Vietnam, Fukok, etc. the Area - 332 thousand in the territory Large part take mountains, height to 3143 m, at lowland coast - mainly in lower reaches of delta of the river Songka (in the north of the country) and the rivers Mekongs (in the south of the country). Vietnam reminds a lever with two baskets which are filled by fig. As baskets deltas of two rivers act: delta Songka (the river Red) in the north and delta of Mekong in the south. The same two deltas - rice granaries of the country. A huge lever is the mountain ridge of Chyongshon stretched through all country.

The Climate tropical monsoonal, are formed under the influence of summer damp (southern and southwest) and winter dry (northeast) monsoons. In the spring and in the autumn weather is unstable - typhoons fall upon coast. Centre temperatures are not changed and fluctuate from +26 With in December to +29 With in April.

The population: the Population - 77 311 thousand people Ethnic composition: Vietnameses 85 - 90 %, Chineses of 3 %, khmers and others, all about 60 nationalities. Centre life expectancy 68,1 year. Level of literacy among persons is more senior 15 years makes 93,7 %. Language: the State language - Vietnamese, is used also Chinese, a bit English, French and Russian. Religion: the Buddhism.

Monetary unit - the Vietnamese dong. Notes: 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000; coins of circulation have no. The most popular currency - the American dollar, it approve for payment everywhere. At payment by traveller's cheques, and also credit cards VISA, Master, JCB from you will take exchange charge.

Vietnam very "cheap" country even for not thick purse. Amazing, exotic souvenirs are worth little in literal sense. Benches, the markets and numerous little shops. Exotic of Asia pretty often. Tremendous beauty silver items manage practically for nothing. In Vietnam it is a lot of the joint ventures manufacturing production for export. For example, branches of factories of sportswear «Nike» and «Adidas» in the local market sell the production in three-four times more cheaply, than in Russia... Shopping improbably rich and diverse.

It is not recommended to drink water from under the crane. It is quite good to have with itself a mineral water bottle, it will preserve you from organism dehydration. It is possible to reserve bravely drinks with ice in big cities and hotels of Saigon, Hanoi, Nja-Changa, Da-nanga, since. Ice is prepared according to hygienic norms. In a countryside it is not necessary to reserve drinks with ice, since. It can be prepared from river water.

Vietnam it is diverse and tasty. There are restaurants for all tastes and a purse - Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean, European and, of course, Vietnamese. The prices fluctuate from 2,5 to 25$ from the person. And frequently, the meal happens is more tasty at small restaurants where you can have dinner four together for 10-12$. - Hotel Price Comparison


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