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Winter rest in Europe

The winter in Venice meets a fog - such that the plane with tourists hardly sits down on the strip taken away to it. But it is not necessary to be afraid that the bad weather will spoil to you impressions of a city a carnival of masks and gondolas - on the contrary, the warm winter and special light emphasise charm of Venice as which in the hot summer in dense crowd of tourists it is possible to the full and not to feel. Admirers of rest, by the way, are convinced of Italy: it is necessary to visit resorts of this country, and in the late autumn and in the winter - its treasuries of architecture and arts in the summer. And, by the way, the snobs, naming Venice «an enormous tourist attraction», mean a summer city in which the apple really has no place to fall. The winter - unique possibility to receive a city on water in own order to wander in loneliness on the most beautiful small streets and not to stand in a queue to the gondolier. And also to see all facades, domes and spikes in inherent only to Venice and only in the winter special colour - with noble cold pearl outflow. And if to return to humdrum of life it is possible to note that fact, as off-flavour of stagnant water - an inevitable consequence of a life on channels - it is felt much less, than in the hot summer in the winter.


It is perfect and rather free from tourists in the winter and Rome. Pigeons not so are persuasive, as in the summer, and numerous restaurants draw tourists Italian cuisine masterpieces - a duck liver cheese, a Guinean chicken with chestnuts, and, of course, diverse cheeses … Agree, in the summer to eat somehow does not pull, and here cool January in the evening that can be better than a tasty meal! Rome and remains very green city in the winter: stone pines (umbellate pines), evergreen oaks and palm trees surround almost each architectural masterpiece. By the way, it is not necessary to hope that you will have time to examine all places of interest of the Eternal city for a week: the density of masterpieces on square kilometre here, likely, the highest in the world so that even on a superficial acquaintance with them one winter … is required not And not to get tired of dialogue with high, from the culture centres it is possible to pass from time to time to the trade centres: In January in Rome sales on which even the most exacting dandies can put on from head to foot begin.

The Parisian winter in our understanding is more similar for the autumn, such what happens at us in the end of October - the beginning of November. However, unlike our November, invariablly cloudy and depressive, Paris is gentle enough in the winter: the sun shines, smells as bulking up foliage, and it seems that air is complete in the coming nearer spring. And early twilight promotes that after walks lasting many hours on quays and the well-known cathedrals tourists spend Senes of evening in charming Parisian cafes, captures croissants and coffee, and for a supper by all means reserves a wine bottle. New year is better to meet on the Mars field at Tour d'Eiffel. In a New Year's eve here are going ten thousand tourists, and it is equal at midnight a symbol of Paris lights up bright fires like a huge fur-tree. An unforgettable show!

And in London for New year effective parade, by the way, the largest in Europe is spent. For the first time similar procession has taken place in 1987, and since then the discharged public and actors exactly at midday in the first day of year start on a journey on the decorated streets. Past year in parade participated 10 thousand actors from every corner of the globe plus about one million spectators which too consider itself as full owners of a celebration and prepare for it in advance - think out suits, study songs and dancing pases. And even during procession volunteers collect donations on the charitable purposes. It is possible to judge scope of action at least on such figure: for all history of its existence it has been collected more than 500 thousand pounds. From other New Year's surprises of London it is necessary to note pleasant weather, free calenders on all city, trees which just about will blossom, and universal sales.

In Berlin New year can be met at the Brandenburg gate - a symbol of division of Germany on Western and East. Already some years Silvestr as Germans name New year, is officially celebrated here, and on unforgettable cheerful ceremony is going to several millions persons! At midnight the sky is decked by fireworks fires, and on the numerous improvised scenes going actors and circus actors amuse. The capital of Germany in holidays also serves as a magnet for buyers of all world: local sale has really total character and is called «Seven trading weekends».

In the general opinion of fans to travel across Europe, the most beautiful and fantastic city for a meeting of New year is Prague. Original charm of the Middle Ages, a soft climate, low prices and imperceptibly familiar language - all it draws Russians in capital of Czechia. By the way, Czechs are convinced: Prague is delightful at any time year, but is especially attractive in the days previous Christmas when even air as if is penetrated by ions of a forthcoming miracle.

Small small houses with a red tile are covered by snow, towers "put on" sparkling caps, and windows are covered with unusual ice patterns. In December melancholic light of the winter sun for a short while shines old quarters and when it recedes, in twilight of twilight legends of a thousand-year city … revive And still Czechs like to retry that their country - unique, where chances to receive a New Year's gift exactly four times more than in any in other. The matter is that Czechia - a unique place where Christmas surprises are given away at once by four heroes: Santa-Klaus, Mikulash, Ezhishek and Father Frost. - Hotel Price Comparison


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