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Most brave of brave are people who floated in novel waters of world ocean, in search of new grounds. people from Portugal, Italy, Spain and England in the improbably courageous marine campaigns were great travellers . Here some pioneers of the new worlds and the new people who investigated a planet with a wind in sails, in a pursuit of riches.

Magellan has headed the first round-the-world expedition, for the first time crossing Pacific ocean. A feat which was considered impossible that was the basic certificate of its strength of mind and lead.

Captain James Cook, the excellent navigator and the cartographer was One of the most known British researchers. On the expeditions it has made a map of a part of coast of Australia which was so exact that to it used and in 20 century. Many scientists with whom thousand new plants and animals have been opened participated in its expeditions. It also had artists onboard the ships which did numerous drawings with the plotting of the found out and visited exotic places.

the Old map
Marco Polo, the great traveller investigating more of 15000 miles for 24 years of the wanderings. Travelling mainly to Asia, it understood culture of China most, than served for Europeans, authority on the Asian countries. Marco Polo has inspired Christopher Columbus to visit China, the fact which the majority of historians hold back, teaching about the researcher of the New World.

Vasco da Gama was definitely resolute person, which knew how to survive and achieve the objective for the sake of the country. Its first expedition has opened a direct marine trading route to India. The second expedition it promoted Portugal as to the country which nobody can intimidate, protecting its rights and belief in severe enough method. Anyhow, Vasco da Gama has made enough to confirm Portugal as the leading country of the world leaving the Middle Ages.

Christopher Columbus, was the great traveller and the perfect seaman, but also very prudent. It has convinced governors of that time that can fast cross Atlantic, get to India and return with spices which at that time were very much appreciated. It has evaluated a trip to 3000 n miles when actually, was 12000. Columbus was the excellent seaman and only using monsoonal a wind and a current of Atlantic ocean has come back home with crew suffering from hunger and thirst.

Amerigo Vespucci the first has floated along coast of the South America, and the first, has communicated to radical Americans. Amerigo Vespucci - the great Italian researcher, the seafarer and the cartographer who has laid a path for expeditions to the New world.

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