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In the world there is a considerable quantity of various means of transport. We simply cannot present to ourselves as people lived without cars, buses, trains and planes many years ago. Many people prefer to travel by the car , others consider, is what is it dangerous and harmful to environment. Irrespective of your sights, there are no doubts that on travel by the car is and many advantages, and it is a lot of defects.

To begin with - speed. We can fast move from one place in other. We should not waste time and wait the bus. If we wish to get to hospital, we do not need to go on a bus stop and to wait. It is very important, because we can travel anywhere and when we want.

Secondly, cars are always accessible, and we everywhere can go by the car. Sometimes in small villages the bus goes seldom enough. People should wait for a long time past to get to a city. Availability - the second advantage of travel on the car.

Travel by the car
Moreover, we can get out to have a rest on the nature, when and where we will want. If we have a car, maps or the GPS-navigator are necessary to us only, we simply get into the car and have gone!

On the other hand, travel on the car not so conveniently for the driver. It cannot relax, it should be all time attentive. Means of transport get often to stoppers that too it is very inconvenient. The tired driver, can be same dangerous on road, as the drunk driver.

To Travel by the car it is too dangerous. On roads there are many failures, it is necessary to be very cautious and attentive. There are people who operate the car after the alcohol use that calls many accidents.

Car Use also is very expensive. If you have a car, you should pay the decent sum for petrol and maintenance. Petrol prices high enough.

Thus, if you have money, you remember environment protection, you the patient and responsible driver, even at problems with search of a place of a parking, you can take pleasure in car driving for many years.

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