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Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was Italian the traveller which has floated through Atlantic ocean in 1492, hoping to find a path to India (with the purposes of trade in spices). It has made in general four expeditions to Caribbean basin and the South America in 1492-1504.

The First travel. The king of Spain Ferdinand II and the queen of Spain the Isabella have equipped the first expedition under Columbus's leadership. On the first travel, Columbus headed expedition from three ships, "Nina" (Visente Janes Pinzon was which captain) "Pint" (Martin Alonso Pinzon was the owner and the captain) and "Santa-Marya" (Columbus was which captain) and about 90 crewmen. They have sailed for August, 3rd, 1492 from Palosa, Spain, and on October, 11th, 1492 have found out islands to the southeast from the North America. They have landed on island, having named it Guanahani, but later Columbus has renamed it into San Salvador. They have been met by local Indians taino, many of which have been seized by Columbus's people, and then sold in slavery. Columbus thought that it has reached Asia, to any area of India, and has named its inhabitants Indians.

Christopher Columbus
Studying islands in this area and in search of gold, Columbus's people went on island Espanola (now it is divided into Haiti and Dominican republic), Cuba and many other smaller islands. On the way back, "Santa-Marya" was wrecked, Columbus has returned to Spain on "Nina", having arrived on March, 15th, 1493.

The Second travel. In the second time, has been collected larger expedition (on September, 25th, 1493 - on June, 11th, 1496), left with 17 ships and approximately 1500 people to find gold and to seize Indians as slaves. Columbus has based base in Espanola and has floated round Espanola and along southern coast of Cuba. He has found out and the island Dominica has named on November, 3rd, 1493.

The Third travel. On the third expedition (on May, 30th, 1498 - October, 1500), Columbus has floated further on the south, to Trinidad and Venezuela (including a river Orinoco mouth). Columbus was the first European, after Lejf Ericsson, stepped into continent of America.

The Fourth travel. On the fourth and last expedition (on May, 9th, 1502 - on November, 7th, 1504), Columbus has visited Mexico, Honduras, Panama (in Central America) and Santiago (Jamaica). Christopher Columbus is buried in east Espanola (nowadays Dominican republic).

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