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Continent of the Earth is the big plot of a land washed by seas. To definition "continent" routinely do not apply strict criteria, in the standard expression in seven areas of light as continents are considered (on the size, from more to smaller): Asia, Africa, the North America, the South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

Continents of the Earth
Conditionally speaking, "continents are understood as the big, continuous, discrete (separate) weights of ground, in an ideal, divided by aqueous spaces". Some of the conventional continents defined by the Convention, are not the separate plots of a land divided by water. The criterion "big" too result ins any classification: Greenland, with the area of 2166086 square kilometres, is considered the greatest island in the world while Australia, in 7617930 square kilometres, is considered continent. And the term «the continuous weight of a land» ignores often inclusion of a continental shelf and oceanic islands, and also contradicts classification Northern and the South America, as two continents, and-or Eurasia and Africa, without any natural division by water. This anomaly reaches the extreme measure, regarding that Europe and Asia as believe, make two continents.

Model of the Earth with seven continents teach, as a rule, in China and the majority of the English-speaking countries. Six continents (with the combined Eurasia) in the former states of Soviet Union and Japan. Six continents (with the combined America) in the countries of Latin America and in some parts of Europe, including Greece (that is equivalent to 5 occupied continents (except for Antarctica). By means of this latest model, in a logo of Olympic games 5 rings - symbolising 5 manned continents of the Earth are used only.

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