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From a school bench we know that in the winter and in the autumn the nature a beret to myself rest to be updated in the rough spring. It seems that the one who wrote it, possibly, never saw Crete in the autumn.

In the Autumn when the first rains wash off a summer dust, the nature wakes up and within several days all countryside again green, with beautiful wild colours. Having listened, it is possible to hear palpitation of island which takes now the central place - far away from coast which within almost six months, served foreign tourists.

There comes time of a ploughed land and sowing of fields, processing of grapes for production of wine and cancers in the Autumn. More close by the winter time of the tax of olives comes. Almost each person on island, possesses at least, several olive trees in villages and gardens though the population large part lives in a city.

Crete in the autumn
Sea at coast of Crete always turquoise colour. At a bad weather colour of water varies from dark blue to grey-green, but perfect turquoise shades are reverted together with solar beams. A sea the governor of Crete - the centre of gravity for millions visitors - but picturesque mountains of island and small fertile valleys are not less important. Autumn the reason to keep away from a sea for an instant, on internal plateaus of this unique Mediterranean island - beautiful and freakish villages. Many of these villages, propagated on all country, support the well-known traditional character, with vineyards, olive groves and a perfect natural environment. Olive trees and vineyards co-existed on Crete within centuries, and it really harmonious cooperation. Vintage begins post termination cleaning of olives. Century rhythms which are retried without interruption, create and support this special style of life.

In the Autumn, even atmosphere other, it becomes crystal-clear in those sunny days which follow rains. The nature washes off a dust away, and starts to shine all colours of a life. The sky becomes exclusively beautiful and seizing this season. Some days, set of clouds create impressing figures and forms, and in other cases the clear sky, apparently, merges with a sea, accepting penetrating lazurno-turquoise colour.

Snow-covered mountains on Crete - it is impossible to imagine island without them. Near to mountain areas, the vegetation hardly varies, becoming more wild and impressive. It is an oak, a cypress, a chestnut, a plane tree - those remarkable giants who live at water as if trying to satisfy infinite thirst.

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