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The Green island originally belonged to people of tribe Gungandji. At natives, the Green island actually is called Wunyami that means «a place visited by spirits». The island has received the present name on behalf of Charles Green serving by the astronomer onboard «Endeavour», James Cook's expeditions in 1770.

The Green island is possessed on one of seven natural miracles of the world, the Big Barrier reef. This ancient coral reef is the house for more than 120 kinds of local plants. The island is covered by rainforests, and also perfect beaches. The green island has started to develop about 6000 years ago when waves have collected sand from a reef in one place. This sand by degrees left water then there was a vegetation, seeds have been brought by a wind, a current and birds.

Green island
The island has been declared by national park in 1937, and waters round it marine park in 1974. All on island looks very beautifully, both on ground, and in water. Today, the Green island offers fantastic landscapes of a rainforest which is stretched to 25 metres in height. The rainforest consists of nearby 130 various kinds of plants, including a grass, a palm tree, trees and grapevines. Along with fantastic landscapes, the Green island also is the house for more than 60 various kinds of birds. White herons, pigeons, savingses, sea eagles concern them and others which can be found on all island.

Beautiful waters alone surrounding Green island offer a fantastic scuba diving and diving. The reef round Green island is surprisingly beautiful, abounds with different corals and marine inhabitants. If you do not want, to dive, but wish to see beauty of a reef, there is a perfect method of a yield in a sea by a boat with a glass bottom. Also it is possible to visit a diving observatory which is possessed on berth.

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