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Portuguese traveller Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was the first European who has made expedition round the world. He travelled through Atlantic ocean, through a southern extremity of the South America, through channels and the gulfs surrounded with mountains, and then through Pacific ocean. And in long run has returned to Spain, having made the first round-the-world travel to the world.

Magellan was born in a notable Portuguese family, and at young age, was royal court. When he was 25 years old, it has arrived on service in the Portuguese fleet and has spent next six years, participating in military battles. In 1513, during fight with moors in Morocco, Magellan has received a serious wound a spear in the left knee which has led to its lifelong lameness. And having returned to Portugal in 1514, he has learnt that has been accused of illegal trade in cattle with moors. The king of Portugal has dismissed Magellan from navy fleet, and Magellan in a fit of temper declared end of the fidelity of Portugal. In 1517 he has offered the services to the main competitor of Portugal, the Spanish king Charles I, and has begun a new stage of the career, as the Spanish researcher.

Ferdinand Magellan
On September, 20th, 1519 39-year-old Magellan and nearby 270 persons have sailed from Spain, by five ships: Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, and Santiago. Their purpose was to reach Moluccas, on the western route - which avoided cape of Kind Hope supervised by Portugueses. Vessels went a southwest rate, crossing Atlantic and have appeared in the South America, in Rio de Janeiro, three months later. They still went south along coast, investigating all gulfs and a mouth of the rivers in territory of present Uruguay and Argentina, trying to find passage to Pacific ocean. On March, 31st the tired and dissatisfied crew onboard three courts has lifted mutiny against the commanders. Magellan has fast reduced the control over the command therefore one of captains has been killed in near fight, and rebels are put in loneliness ashore. At last, in October, 1520 passage - nowadays known has been found as strait of Magellan is has really led to Pacific ocean.

Second half of travel passed as difficultly, as well as the first. Only three ships remained after one has sunk, and the second deserted; provisions was very little and people died of a scurvy. Having reached islands Guams in 1521, Magellan attended to robberies of villages in revenge to natives for theft. The same year, on the Philippine islands, Magellan has been killed in skirmish with natives on island Maktan. Two of its ships continued travel, having reached Moluccas of spices in November, 1521. On September, 8th, 1522, only one ship, Victoria Spaniard Juan Sebastjan de Elkano was which captain, has reached Spain, with 17 remained crewmen.

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