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24-year-old expedition of the Venetian traveller Marco Polo (1254-1324) has presented to Europeans of the Middle Ages the whole new world. It has inspired great researchers of the future generations, not Christopher Columbus was last of which, to search for riches of the East.

If you wished to retry travel Marco Polo today, you should issue 20 visas, to visit 17 countries, to pass 33000 miles. Certainly, dangers cannot be compared today to dangers of travel on the Great Silk path from Europe on the East and is revertive 700 years ago.

Marco Polo
Marco there were only 17 years when it, his father Nikkolo and uncle Matteo, have departed to a path. Three Polo at first have crossed Adriatic and Mediterranean sea that was courageous enough act as was considered at that time that monsters there live. In Jerusalem, they have taken a holy water from Jesus tomb, then have left to Turkey where have met knights crusaders. All this time Polo was conducted by the detailed records about a landscape, people, and carpets, jewels and other goods which they have faced on this path. Despite threat of a meeting with gangsters, they have crossed hot Persian desert (nowadays a residence of the people of Iran and Iraq) and were lifted in mountains of modern Afghanistan. They met Buddhists, Jews. They traded in spices, pearls, flax the embroidered gold, an ivory, and also other goods brought from India. Travelling to the southeast, they have crossed Pamir - ground of glaciers that natives name a world roof. Their path has resulted on an old southern caravan track through Kashmir, a place which then has not been visited by Europeans as early as 600 years.

17 years Polo remained in the east, working as emissaries for the governor of China. When three men, at last, has returned to Venice after 24-year-old absence, according to a legend, their own families did not recognise them. Certainly, their relatives have much grown wiser, when three men have shown the sacks with diamonds, rubies and gold.

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