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According to the European agency on environment, nature sanctuaries are natural or constructed by hands of the person the objects having "huge importance", containing one or several features, such as falls, caves, funnels, natural minerals etc. Besides, area, within a nature sanctuary should be big enough to protect its integrity in the direct relation to an environment. There are various natural monuments all over the world.

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills - a nature sanctuary possessed on Philippines and consisting of equal calcareous hills in height from 30 metres to 100 metres. Chocolate Hills it is the third national geological monument of the country and it is conventional for scientific value and uniqueness. Akiyoshidai Quasi - national park, a nature sanctuary in Japan, the area of 130 square kilometres which includes more than 400 calcareous caves, including the longest cave in Japan - Akiyoshido. Saiho-ji is a Buddhist temple possessed in Kyoto, represents a natural monument known as "a moss temple" because it reminds a temple covered with a moss.

MacGillycuddy's Reeks is a nature sanctuary possessed in Ireland, consisting of a mountain ridge on peninsula Ajverag. Other Irish nature sanctuary, represents marine rocks which reach in height of 702 foots. Porto Moniz is a nature sanctuary in Portugal, consists of a number of natural basins and rocks. The Cuevas del Ham or ham caves, are a nature sanctuary in Spain, consist of the underground river. Loreley Rock a German nature sanctuary which consists of the bared granite lifted vertically on 433 foots along the river Rhine.

The Mexican Federal government declared Rio Bravo del Norte a nature sanctuary in October, 2009. The monument covers 137 miles downwards across Rio Grande to the American border. «Natural bridges» a nature sanctuary the Powell possessed on lake, the State of Utah. Natural bridges - stone architecture on the table mountain covered with a tree near to penetrating sandy canyons. Three "the Natural bridge" have been created by the water streams which have washed out walls of a canyon.

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