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The Moon today

I Think, you know everything, what it is necessary to know about the Moon? Think once again! Here some the interesting facts about the Moon. You some of them, probably, already know, and some of them will be today brand new for you.

1. The Moon was generated from the Earth

Today scientists consider that the Moon was formed, when the object in size with Mars ran into our planet approximately 4,5 billion years ago. Collision was so great that the substance large quantity has been thrown out in space. From orbital rings of dust the Moon also was generated. The companion of the Earth is represented to much less dense, than the planet, does not suffice some metal in its nucleus. Scientists consider that the Moon consists of the top material of a bark which has smaller density, than composition of the Earth.

2. The Moon is paid by one party to the Earth

Though at first the Moon rotated about the axis, during billions years it was retarded. And at a given time far back in the past it has simply ceased to rotate. The gravity of the Earth keeps the Moon in an orbit, but it pulls differently in various parts of the Moon, in long run the Moon is always displayed by one party to the Earth. The similar situation occurs to the majority of the big companions in Solar system.

3. The Moon sluggishly departs

Though the Moon orbit seems enough stable, our unique natural companion actually departs from us with a speed of 4 centimetres a year. It occurs because of impulse preservation in an orbit of the Earth.

4. The Moon has the same size, as the Sun

This surprising coincidence. From our point of view from here, from the Earth, the Moon and the Sun look about one size in the sky. Certainly, the Sun is much more, than the Moon. In the sizes the Sun it surpasses the Earth in 400 times, but also in 400 times and further the Moon. But not always was so. Billions years ago the Moon was much closer, than the Sun, and looked in the sky enough big. The moon leaves from us, and in the long-term future, the Moon will look much less, than the Sun.

5. The Moon calls the majority of inflows..., but not all

You know that inflows and outflow on the Earth are caused by a gravitational attraction of the Moon. But it not the only thing that pulls water from the Earth, the Sun too helps. For this reason we receive very large inflows and outflow, from time to time. When the Moon and Sun gravity interacts, we receive the strongest inflows.

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