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Australia is the big continent in southern hemisphere and includes island Tasmania and a number of other smaller islands at the coast. It consists of 6 states, 2 territories and is controlled by Federal parliamentary democracy led by the prime minister. Its official name the Australian Union, and it is a part of British Empire. It has the population about 22 million persons, and is the thirteenth economy on size in the world.

the Old map of Australia
For many years before hours Australia people in the world considered that there should be a big ground in the south to balance continents in the north of ground. Because of it many empires and the nations sent pioneers to search for this ground. Fishermen from Malaysia and Indonesia which traded with natives of Australia were the first people who have visited Australia. The first European expedition has found out Australia in 1606. The Dutch pioneer by name of Willem Janszon has made disembarkation to peninsula Cape York peninsula coast, near to the modern city of Uejpa. The Dutch has studied and has made a sketch of a more part of the western coast of Australia, having named it «New Holland». The next years, many other pioneers, such as Luis Vaes of de Torres, Derk Hartog, Frederik Hutman, Abel Tasman and Willem de Vlamink were put ashore which we know now, as Australia. The first English researcher who for the first time has visited on continent Australia, was William Dampir. It landed at the western coast of continent in 1688 and 1699.

In 1770 captain James Cook onboard «Endeavour» has designated east coast of Australia on a map, having named its New Southern Wales. Comprehensive maps and supervision have been registered and sent revertively to Great Britain for an estimation. Though Cook was not the pioneer of Australia, thanking its research, the path for continent Australia settling has been laid. On January, 26th, 1788 the British fleet has landed in a gulf of Botani in the New Southern Wales. The western part of Australia has been officially declared by British in 1828.

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