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I very much like to spend time on a beach. I very well feel on the sun, and would have nothing against a life on tropical island. One of main purposes of my travel, attempt to escape from winter is. I was on many islands all over the world, but there are still some paradise places, till now me not visited. I suggest to consider the best islands and world beaches where people can have a rest, relax and take pleasure in the sun.

Paradise island
Seychelles. The Africa possessed at east coast, these islands are pure paradise . If somebody can throw all and live in a hut on a beach, Seychelles just for it. Perfect beaches, theoretically water alone, some lonely islands on a choice. I dream of Seychelles, and you, probably, too. It is group of 115 islands offers everything that the fan of beach rest will want. Unfortunately, these islands are expensive enough, but I think, what is it and there is a payment for paradise. The best time for visiting - a cool season from May till September.

Maldives. Possessed in the centre of Indian ocean, this chain from 1000 islands (200 are lived, the others simply group of the coral atolls, hardly towering above sea level). During a tsunami of 2004, many of these islands have been completely washed off. The government has constructed dams to reduce effect of any future tsunami. These small paradise coral islands a perfect place for diving and a scuba diving, and on white sandy beaches you will be met by friendly local residents. Rest here too very expensive. The best time for a trip to Maldives during the period from November till May, when weather cool and dry. From June till October there is a damp and hot weather because of a season of monsoons.

Bali. This tourist Mecca is recognised by one of the best islands in the world. There there is enough place, the meal is surprisingly tasty and cheap, local residents are one of the most friendly in the world. It is possible to visit a volcano and acting temples. Obviously, to Bali there is all. Weather remains to a constant all the year, though from April till October air a bit more chilly.

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