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If you wish to learn, how it is possible to travel all over the world , sometimes difficultly enough to understand, with what to begin. Actually to plan travel worldwide not so difficult as many beginners think. Naturally, all hardly enough are nervous thinking of a trip to unknown places, here it is necessary to calm down and act strictly according to plan.

It is necessary to receive motivation for travel. It is necessary to force to leave itself the zone of comfort, to leave behind the work, study, entertainments and to depart really to look at all bright paints by which our world is painted.

the World of travel
It is necessary to receive submission about where you wish to travel. To find the inspiration for a trip to the certain country or region, it is possible having answered itself a question - that for you interestingly? Extreme sports? Unusual kitchen of the world? Strange things? Wildlife?

Protect money. If you have a general idea about where you wish to go, make the rough schema of the budget. Start to save the hardly earned cash.

The Independent organisation. If you have a submission about where you are going to go, check up as in these countries map Visa is served. After you learn, what is the time you will need to accumulate enough money, you can reserve flight. Purchase the insurance. Deliver inoculations. Check up a state of health. Purchase a backpack and things which you will require. But be not overzealous, the kitchen cavity is not required to you. Make photocopies of the passport, the certificate of a vaccine, the insurance, the contact data etc. Purchase the guidebook. Learn about danger of swindle or theft in the this country. Try to write down the travel then to lay out it in the blog.

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