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The Brave, severe, qualified sailor and the navigator, Portuguese traveller Vasco da Gama (apprx. 1460-1524) has opened the first marine path from the Western Europe to India.

Been born in the southwest of Portugal in a family of noble family, serving as the naval commander, da Gama at the age of 32 years, has spent a successful siege of the French ships at coast of a province Algarve in Portugal. In 1490, Portugueses have decided to find on ocean a path to India - on purpose to put an end to monopoly of Muslim trade with the East - and have addressed to a family da Gama. On a twist of fate, father Vasko has died to a trip so that he had to head travel.

Vasco da Gama
On July, 8th, 1497, da Gama and crew from 170 persons, has left harbour of Lisbon with four three-mast ships. They floated on the south to islands of cape Verde, and in November have rounded cape of Kind Hope leaving in novel waters (for the European seamen). In ten months after departure from Portugal, in May, 1498, vessels Vasco da Gama have reached Calicut, shopping centre at southwest coast of India where they have found an abundance of spices, jewels and silk.

The First visit da Gama proceeded three months, establishing the connexion with governors of Hindus. Travel was revertive to Lisbon long, the crew has lost more than half of composition from a scurvy. But when it has returned in September, 1498, the Portuguese king was happy - da Gama has received money and ground, and also a title and the house - but new expedition has soon followed. In 1502, da Gama has returned to India, this time with 20 ships and the commission on grab of Calicut by the Portuguese colony. Resistance of Hindus has been suppressed with special cruelty.

The New Portuguese monarch, in 1524, da Gama has been nominated by the vice-king of Portugal in India and has soon made the third and last travel on the East.

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